Ugly Duckling

A baby swan (cygnet), swimming around on Canberra’s central lake A photo of a little cygnet.

Though this is picture is quite a crop of the original image (which was portrait). I was really quite impressed with how high the image quality turned out.

Flying Colours

A Rosella flying though Australian Scrub I took this photo a few months ago however I couldn’t think of an interesting way to process it. The original photo was quite boring and blurred.

Over the last few months, I’ve learnt many new post processing techniques.


A wombat strolling past. These guys cruise along at quite a fast pace! This is the only photo out of a set of around 6 photos that turned out.

Eastern Yellow Robin

A Eastern Yellow Robin on an a tree trunk. What I think is a  Eastern Yellow Robin sitting on a tree trunk where I was camping over the long weekend.

Unfortunately I was a few meters away and only had the 200mm so this is actually a 100% of the original photo.


For a native bird, it’s not often that I have seen a Kookaburra out and about.

The first Kookaburra memory I can remember is at a Cub Scout camp when one came and stole a steak off the BBQ.

It then flew to a nearby log and started smacking it. I can only assume that it was trying to “kill” the steak.

Mr. Echidna

An Echidna walking around on the ground (As opposed to flying) It was quite exciting seeing this little guy wondering around.

The day before this photo. I saw a different echidna that was walking across the road. I stopped and signalled the oncoming car so I could move him off the road but the other driver just hit the poor thing dead on, and over the speed limit too. How can you be so ignorant and careless even after someone signals you.

I hope he has a few spikes in his tyres.


A Meerkat checking out the what’s going on. I went on an early morning zoo walk which was at 6:45 in the morning. These guys were at the end of the walk.

They had so much energy, and first thing in the morning too!

Sleepy Koala

A Koala sleeping in a tree. This is an image that I’ve wanted to capture for a while now. These little critters are really quite hard to find let alone get close enough to capture. This one was in a nature park/zoo thing.

Otter! 2

Another Otter photo from the National Zoo, Canberra Right, this is the second time in the past 30m days I’ve had to do a 2 week catchup.

Wish me luck in staying up to date this time around!

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