For a native bird, it’s not often that I have seen a Kookaburra out and about.

The first Kookaburra memory I can remember is at a Cub Scout camp when one came and stole a steak off the BBQ.

It then flew to a nearby log and started smacking it. I can only assume that it was trying to “kill” the steak.

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Mr. Echidna

An Echidna walking around on the ground (As opposed to flying) It was quite exciting seeing this little guy wondering around.

The day before this photo. I saw a different echidna that was walking across the road. I stopped and signalled the oncoming car so I could move him off the road but the other driver just hit the poor thing dead on, and over the speed limit too. How can you be so ignorant and careless even after someone signals you.

I hope he has a few spikes in his tyres.

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