Tasmania: Kelvedon Beach

Richard and I often head out on various photography expeditions and we always end up with our own unique views of the locations that we visit. When we travel together, I always look forward to seeing the photos that Richard captures.

Richard saw this little shed from the Tasman Highway. I was flying along keen to get to Swansea (The car was reporting that we were running on reserve fuel) but we just had to pull over to take some photos. It turned out everything in Swansea was closed and we managed to run on reserve fuel for a further 70km. More on that later!

Anyway… here are a few photos I took at Kelvedon Beach, just south of Swansea on the east coast of Tasmania.

Here’s Richard’s view.

Tasmania 2010: The Blow Hole (Tasman Peninsula)

I’m on the spirit of Tasmania heading back to the mainland. What an amazing trip so far, I might be getting back to the mainland tonight however, I don’t get home till Sunday. I’ve heard that it’s just been raining back home. I’m glad Tassie has showed us some amazing weather! These photos were taken on a very misty morning.

Random note: I refer to Tasmania as Tassie but a Tasmanian has referred to it as Tassy. Hmm..

So I’ve ditched the whole ‘part’ thing and started to post based on location instead! Here are a few photographs from the Blow Hole located on the Tasman Peninsula. Amazing.

I’ll start with the warning sign then the photos I took on the other side of it!

Tasmania 2010: Hells Gates

Here are a few more photos from my Tassie trip. I wish we’ve had a little more time to just chill in the last few days. Yesterday and today have been the two days we’ve setup camp and relaxed before about 6pm.

It’s not dark until about 9:30 here so we’ve got plenty of daylight to work with. This is a really good thing because we broke our gas lantern on the first night. I think I dropped the esky onto it!!

Well, here’s  some photos from Hells Gates that I took yesterday and last night. I suppose that makes this Part 3 or 4. There should be Cradle Mountain photos before hand. Oh well! I figure everyone knows Cradle Mountain and won’t miss it if I post it later. I thought that this spiky creature that wandered up to me was more exciting.

Oh and this campground was awesome! It cost $6 a night for the pair of us and the best part was we were allowed to have a campfire! We collected firewood from the beach and had a nice warm fire.

Tasmania 2010

So I’ve made it to Tassie and watched a sunset from the west coast. What a fun experience that was! Here are a few photos of the trip so far.

This is Albury Station.

Leaving Port Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania!

Driving around somewhere out of Marrawah, Tassie

Green Point, Tassie. Just south of where we are camping for the night

And a piker notice for Adam who, well, piked.

Hopefully I’ll have some more to share with you as the trip progresses!