I took an old photograph and re-processed it. The difference was huge. It’s amazing to actually see a comparison of change.

A young person with hearts painted on her face. Yet another photo from an event! I’ve been digging into all my people photos recently.

A young lady in the city during a mini festival I’m not sure exactly what the event would be classified as but there were bubbles, games, face painting and free food!

An organiser managing a group of youth at a local state park. Another conference photo. Part of the conference involved activities around the city. This was one of those activities. An organised skate comp.

People photographing the happy couple after the wedding ceremony I love taking photos at weddings and it would seem that everyone else wants to freeze the memory as well.

An exhausted smile at an end of a long weekend away. This photo was taken at the end of a camp I attended. A very fun and energetic weekend away but very exhausting.

A teenager text messaging a friend. I am continually amazed at the amount of time people spend on their phone (not excluding myself!)

A guitarist on stage, lit up by a single stage light.

A photo of Stewart Orme taken during Benton’s 21st birthday celebration on the M.V. Southern Cross on Lake Burley Griffin. At just 23, Stewart passed away on Sunday April 29th 2012. Read a little about Stewart in my post, until we meet again brother.

Taking a photo of someone taking a self portrait.