I met up with someone in Cootamundra to go out taking photos. I saw this tree driving down the road and I thought that it looked awesome. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this amazing!

A creek flowing through a rainforest area in the blue mountains. This was one of the small creeks that ran over our walking track in the Blue Mountains. I’m still amazed by the amount of water that flowed down the slopes.

Looking up Wentworth falls in the blue mountains. Another photo from the Blue Mountains. There was a minute break in the grey clouds that allowed me to capture the blue sky.

A sunset from Mount Ainslie Lookout A very “average” sunset.

Rays of light showing over a sunset over the Brindabellas. I love some of the sunsets that we see here in Australia. In this particular photo, you can see the smoke from the fires that affected Victoria.