Podcast #2: Coffs Harbour!


My first podcast was a little fail. I recorded it in Audacity but the export function failed and I closed the app before checking the exported MP3!

Well… While I get around to fixing that up, I’ve recorded Ep 2!

A little about my trip to Coffs Harbour, my new fire drum, TV and relationships.

Catch you after!


Podcast #1: Introduction

I’ve decided that it just might be a good idea to start a podcast rambling on about my life as I travel around Australia and get up to various activities in life.

The aim is to start of with 20 minute episodes and possibly going longer if I can come up with some interesting content! For now, shorter is sweeter… Till I work out what I’m actually trying to do!

I do have a little radio announcing background (I did a drive show on 1Way FM in Canberra) and I hope that that experience pays off a little here!

This is episode 1 the introduction. It’s a little rough but I hope that it’s the beginning of something good!

Note: I just realised that there is no audio in the file… Off to a flying start! I better re-record it! Check out Ep #2 for now!