Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves: Matthew Reilly

Another book full of action, I love all of Matthew Reilly books and the entire scarecrow series has been incredible. It’s been great to see scarecrow back again!

There’s a few really gruesome scenes in this book that certainly adds to the thrill. The emotional ties are also so much more real in this book. I feel that this flows on from reading the whole series. There’s many references to previous books that make the relationships between the team members so tangible.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend this read!


At an abandoned Soviet base in the Arctic, the battle to save the world has begun…

It is a top-secret base known only as Dragon Island. A long-forgotten relic of the Cold War, it houses a weapon of terrible destructive force, a weapon that has just been re-activated…

When Dragon Island is seized by a brutal terrorist force calling itself the Army of Thieves, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and there are no crack units close enough to get there in time to stop the Army setting off the weapon.

Except, that is, for a small equipment-testing team up in the Arctic led by a Marine captain named Schofield, call-sign SCARECROW. It’s not a strike force; just a handful of Marines and civilians. It’s not equipped to attack a fortified island held by a vicious army. But Scarecrow will lead the team in anyway, because someone has to.


Sail: James Patterson

I always struggle to buy new books but then love it when I actually start to read. This has been my most recent read. I suppose it’s the same story with blogging. I love to write and never do!

This had been my first James Patterson book so I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting. I’m a big fan of series by authors (Once I get into them) Because I know what to expect. At the end of the day, I’m glad I picked this one up. Certainly a good book!

A sail boat blowing up? Totally my type of read!

Here’s the blurb

A perfect family vacation turns into a life-or-death nightmare.

Only an hour out of port, the Dunne family’s summer getaway to paradise is already turning into the trip from hell. Carrie, the eldest, has thrown herself off the side of the boat in a bid for attention. Sixteen-year-old Mark is getting high belowdecks. And Ernie, their ten-year-old brother, is nearly catatonic. It’s shaping up to be the worst vacation ever.

Katherine Dunne had hoped this trip would bring back the togetherness they’d lost when her husband died four years earlier. Maybe if her new husband, a high-powered Manhattan attorney, had been able to postpone his trial and join them it would all have been okay….

Suddenly, a disaster hits–and it’s perfect. Faced with real danger, the Dunnes rediscover the meaning of family and pull together in a way they haven’t in a long time. But this catastrophe is just a tiny taste of the danger that lurks ahead: someone wants to make sure that the Dunne family never makes it out of paradise alive.

With whiplash plot twists, speedboat pacing, and an eye for the evil that can lie behind even the most gorgeous setting, James Patterson delivers Sail–the wettest, most explosive ocean adventure since Jaws.

Deliver us from evil – David Baldacci

I’ve decided that I’ll post the books I read as I travel around. I’m currently reading a David Baldacci novel titled Deliver us from evil.

You’ll quickly realise I like books that are full of action. If there’s guns and things blowing up. It’s probably worth looking at. If there’s spies involved, awesome. Oh and there’s always a beautiful woman involved :p.

I’ve heard that there’s a book before this one with the same Shaw character in it. I’ll have to find it I think. So far (I’m halfway), this book has been turning it’s own pages all the way though.

The Blurb

In South America a wealthy ninety-six year old man reads a book late into the night. Within an hour, he is dead, the secrets of his past starkly revealed.

Six months later, in Provence, Shaw – the shadowy operative from “The Whole Truth” – witnesses the murder of a mysterious man, his body left lifeless at the bottom of a pool. Shaw barely escapes the incident himself; and with a new partner in tow, begins to realize that there has to be another organization at work that rivals his own in secrecy…

Meanwhile, half a world away, journalist Katie James is working on a story of international importance. But shortly after meeting with a potential inside source she is smuggled unconscious onto an aeroplane, headed to an undisclosed destination.

In the days to come, Katie and Shaw will be reunited in a deadly dual of nerve and wits against a surprising, secretive enemy, and lead around the world at a breakneck pace. Filled with the breathtaking plot turns and remarkable characters that only David Baldacci can deliver, this is the most explosive thriller of the year.