Tough Dog RTC Steering Stabiliser

Today, my replacement Steering stabiliser turned up in the mail. I ended up choosing a Tough Dog RTC (Return To Center) steering stabiliser from the guys at 4WD1. The original dampener had done 270,000 km’s and just wasn’t keeping up with the larger tires I put on at the end of 2009.

Some people love the RTC concept whist others don’t see the value in them. I suppose everyone will always have their own opinions.

I chose the Tough Dog RTC steering stabiliser because:

  1. I liked the concept
  2. Good value
  3. They look awesome
  4. They’re Australian Made

From the 100 km’s I’ve driven so far, I’ve loved them. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in cornering, it’s much smoother and the RTC principle kicks in to straighten the wheels quicker. Driving at higher speeds, it’s completely removed the wheel shimmy that I was experiencing on the highway.

Oh and I had to get the saw onto the old one, the bolt was stuck on real good.

Here are pictures:

Radiator overflow replacement

I was out camping a few months ago in the GQ Patrol and saw my heat hardened radiator bottle disintegrate on some really rough tracks. I tried to gaffer it together but that was short lived. The next best solution was the Ribena bottle I had in the back seat.

With my travel plans, I decided that getting a proper bottle would be a good start.

I bought the new bottle from a bloke named Greg on eBay. He replied to my emails quickly and I had the new bottle arrive the day after payment. The bottle looks to be of reasonable quality but I’m not convinced it’s built to live though 220,000k’s like the last one.

Here are a few pictures of my radiator overflow bottle replacement!

The new overflow bottle looks out of place in my very dirty engine bay!