I’m often on one adventure or another! Here’s a collection of the various adventures that I’ve ended up on.

Cleaning chickpeas

Over the last two days, I’ve been helping clean over 140 tonnes of chickpeas. The grading process removes the undersized grain and husks using a drop though filter system. The big orange trailer is the grader. Out of the yellow hoses, it blows out the lightweight husks. The pile on the right contains all the […]

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Mepiquat Hunting

I packed my re-curve bow and a bunch of arrows but I hadn’t had the chance to use it till now. It was nice to get it out and find out it still works. I went and visited a friend out west of Moree and we had some fun shooting an empty drum of Mepiquat […]

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The Adventure Begins

I’m chilling out at camp getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy a citronella candle! I left on my epic adventure on Monday and I’ve made it though to Moree which is awesome. The plan was to try and find some work on a Cotton farm. This has been my favorite photo […]

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