Nissan Skyline

Going back 4 years (Nov 2008), this photo was taken on a drive out towards Wee Jasper 85Km west of Canberra. If my memory recalls correctly, a combination of fuel usage and engine temperature prevented us from actually reaching Wee Jasper.

This photograph was taken during one of our engine cool down stops. Many trips across the country side were enjoyed in this trusty Nissan Skyline.

Pre-Harvest Sugar Cane burning

Over 90% of of the sugar crushed in Australia is grown in Queensland where there’s plenty of rain and heat. Sugar cane needs 1,500mm of rain to grow or loads of irrigation.

Here, sugar cane is being lit on fire to burn off leafy trash before the harvest. This is a practice that’s slowly becoming less common as people jump around on the green wagon. Some sugar mills are now paying farmers for the trash to burn in the mill. Using the trash, they’re able to produce power that can be fed back into the power grid.

Lightning Storms across North West NSW

I’ve always wanted to capture a lightning storm and my dream has been to travel to Darwin to see some of the storms that cross over the sea before the wet season hits.

Though I haven’t quite made it as far as Darwin, I did manage to capture a lightning storm as it rolled across the farm last year. What an incredible sight it was too! I love the power photography has to capture moments like these. Moments that just flash by. Sometimes, life feels like that too!

Wheat Fields in Mungindi

It’s estimated that over 2.9 million hectares (29 billion square metres) of wheat have been sown across NSW in 2012. In the grand scheme, this 100 hectare block isn’t even a drop in the sea! Unfortunately, without much rain this winter season, the crops around the North West haven’t reached their full potential.

Being in Toowoomba now, I’ll be missing the winter harvest. Perhaps next year I’ll be back on the farm!

Thrush 510P Agricultural Aircraft

Over many areas of rural Australia, Agricultural Aircraft play a massive role in the farming industry. Here, a Thrush 510P Ag Aircraft is spraying foliar fertiliser over one of our cotton crops. It might not be often that you would use “high tech” and “rural Australia” in the same sentence but if you do some research into the trends of modern farming, you would be blown away.

Using the latest technology in GPS Guidance, Satellite Mapping and Drift Compensation, the accuracy of modern agricultural aircraft is incredible. It’s certainly an awesome sight to see one of these planes in action.

On the Belubula River, Canowindra

I was in Canowindra last year during the vine pruning season and I met a few backpackers whist I was down there (By few I mean 30) it was seriously backpacker central! We had an afternoon off because of the rain and decided to go for a walk down to the river. It was completely dry but we had some good fun playing around with the camera and taking a few photos. Canowindra is a small country town that’s defined by a whole bunch of great people.

Tully Sugar Mill

140Km south of Carins, Tully is a small town in Queensland known for its sugar industry. The town averages 4 meters of rain each year and a giant gumboot stands in the town as a testament to the climate. This photo was taken from on top of the giant gumboot. The Tully Sugar Mill first started crushing cane on 5th November 1925, producing almost 4,000 tonnes of raw sugar in it’s first season.

Alf the Cattle Dog

Whenever I hear the name Alf, I’m reminded of the fuzzy character from the 80’s TV Series. I actually haven’t seen any of the TV episodes. I have however, read though all the  Alf Marvel comics. There’s something awesome about a fuzzy alien from Melmac that likes to eat tonnes of food. Where does he put it? I can relate with him on the food point. No cats for me though!

Fruit and Veggies

I can imagine what this old trailer looked like brand new with a pile of fresh fruit and veggies at the local market. Sitting on a farm amongst a pile of machinery, I don’t think that this trailer has been used for fruit and veggies for a few years.

Boambee beach, Coffs Harbour

Captured on Boambee beach, a 5.7km beach in Coffs Harbour that runs from the mouth of Boambee Creek north to Corambirra Point. After hearing that there was a beach in Coffs Harbour you could drive on, I had to find it and go beach fishing. After 3 hours, I finally worked out how to get onto Boambee Beach. If only I caught a fish or two.

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