Church of Tomorrow

You’re a Christian and you’re in your 20-30′s . Think 40 years ahead, think about where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing. Any luck? No? I find it hard to think 40 years ahead and I’m going to assume that it’s pretty darn normal. But there is one thing that you should be able to say you’ll be doing in 40 years with absolute conviction: Following Jesus. Read More


I’m starting to write a little about my faith as I travel around Australia and the challenges that seem to follow me as I go. Those of you that know me already know that I’m not into religion or church politics. I simply believe in Jesus. Regardless of whether you’re a person of faith, girls are usually a big thing for guys.

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Australia Day

It’s Australia Day and it’s always nice to celebrate what’s great about Australia. Sure, we’re not the perfect nation and we have our flaws but Australia Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the things we love. Read More


This year’s resolution is better known as a Nike slogan. A bloke at church was sharing about his recent trip to Myanmar and how “Just Do It” was the focus of the trip. Now, I’m going to use it as this year’s new year resolution. Read More


There’s a whole lot of talk about GMO’s and organic farming popping up again on my Facebook news feed and each time it happens, I come to a cross roads. I can certainly see the benefits of moving away from our wide spread monoculture farming systems. Spending 3 years working on large broad-acre dry-land and irrigation farms has given me a chance to reflect on some of the issues that people have been throwing their hands up about.

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