My name is Korske and I love exploring new opportunities. I believe that life is full of so many amazing adventures. Big trees to climb, bubbling rivers to cross, seashells to collect and great valleys to admire. My greatest fear is that one day, the world’s definition of “normal” will start to define who I am.

I’m a creator and creating things is what drives me. Whether I’m baking cookies, building a house, planting a wheat crop or developing a website, I strive to put in 110% into each one of my projects.

I think that young people are amazing and capable of achieving incredible things. I believe that young people have the ability to change the world (1 Tim 4:12). I appreciate the wisdom of the people older and more experienced than me along with their willingness to share their knowledge. I cherish the balance of people of all ages and backgrounds that have become a part of my life.

I’m a passionate photographer and love to capture the Australian Landscape. My goal is to one day, open a gallery & cafe. I love capturing the beauty of nature as well as the emotions of people and events. A photograph is more than a picture. It’s a memory frozen in time, emotions and all.

I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I think words are pretty but I often get frustrated by the time it takes to create a good sentence and this often prevents me from writing all together. Silly, I know.

I don’t believe that my achievements define me, my achievements are the result of who I choose to be.

Adventurer. Explorer. Photographer. Capturing the heart of Australia, it’s people and those exploring it